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Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only

Weekly Programming in Lent

In addition to the Wednesday Evening Prayer, Dinner, Christian Journey and Pilgrims’ Path, we have some special programs during the weeks of Lent. The Reverend Ann Dieterle explains:

On Wednesday evenings Mark Cooper and I are leading contemplative prayer from 5:00 to 5:45 in the Parkinson Room.  This will be a time of prayer, rest, and stress relief, combining elements of spiritual direction, SSJE’s prayer life- including music and contemplative prayer, yoga, and Mind, Body, Stress Reduction.   Through it we will connect with Christ within, so that when we go out into the busy world, we will remain centered in his love.  Through it we will also have the opportunity to go inward, which is one of the primary invitations of the Lenten season.  This isn’t narcissistic naval gazing.  This is silencing the disruptive voices of our culture and of our own hearts so that we can hear God’s voice more clearly.  There is no need to bring a yoga mat or to wear special clothing.  We will have our regularly scheduled evening prayer, using the service from the Book of Common Prayer, as usual in the chapel.

Our Wednesday night class from 7:00 to 8:00 will center on the practice and experience of prayer.  Appropriately titled “The Practice and Experience of Prayer,” we’ll attempt to answer various questions that often come up in our prayer life, such as: How do we learn to pray and listen for God through our prayers?  And, how do we begin to develop or deepen a prayer habit in the midst of lives that are already full and active? The format of the class will include book study and discussion, the practice of prayer disciplines and the opportunity to develop your own rule of life.  Most importantly, it will connect you with others who are learning to develop and deepen their prayer lives too.  The support and encouragement of community is invaluable in the spiritual journey! Register here.

We will also have a service of contemplative prayer on Thursday evenings from 5:30 to 6:15 in the chapel.  Using liturgies from various sources, this liturgy combines set prayers and silence and is bathed in candle light.  It begins on Thursday, March 6th and continues through April 10th.

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