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Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only

Try A Lenten Visual Prayer Practice

Carmen Germino invites you each day during Lent to use the prompt word for the day (see list below) to inspire you to take a photograph that somehow captures that word for you. The words will also appear in our Lenten email Bible study, “God In Your Inbox.” It’s like a prayerful and spiritual photo scavenger hunt. Post your results to our Facebook album. Read Carmen’s full article on the idea here.

Wednesday, March 5:  ashes

Thursday, March 6:  journey

Friday, March 7:  discipline

Saturday, March 8:  wilderness

Sunday, March 9:  temptation

Monday, March 10:  grace

Tuesday, March 11:  sacrifice

Wednesday, March 12:  purple

Thursday, March 13:  prayer

Friday, March 14:  darkness

Saturday, March 15:  hunger

Sunday, March 16:  love

Monday, March 17:  offering

Tuesday, March 18:  reconciliation

Wednesday, March 19:  holy

Thursday, March 20:  salvation

Friday, March 21:  charity

Saturday, March 22:  fasting

Sunday, March 23:  water

Monday, March 24:  humanity

Tuesday, March 25:  transformation

Wednesday, March 26:  wisdom

Thursday, March 27:  confession

Friday, March 28:  desert

Saturday, March 29:  bitter

Sunday, March 30:  sabbath

Monday, March 31:  hope

Tuesday, April 1:  contemplation

Wednesday April 2:  humility

Thursday, April 3:  mercy

Friday, April 4:  servant

Saturday, April 5:  thirst

Sunday, April 6:  promise

Monday, April 7:  temple

Tuesday, April 8:  redemption

Wednesday, April 9:  trial

Thursday, April 10:  lament

Friday, April 11:  forgiven

Saturday, April 12:  Jerusalem

Palm Sunday, April 13:  hosanna

Monday, April 14:  passion

Tuesday, April 15:  exodus

Wednesday, April 16:  grief

Maundy Thursday, April 17: communion

Good Friday, April 18:  cross

Holy Saturday, April 19:  tomb

Easter Sunday, April 20:  resurrection

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