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Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only
1205 West Franklin Street Photo

Parish House

Most days, the Parish House is a center of buzzing activity.  There is a steady flow of people and visitors with constant interaction with the staff and clergy.

Once a grand home on Franklin Street, the Parish House was acquired after the church moved to its present location in 1912.  Today’s configuration has space for offices and all of the equipment required to keep our church running efficiently.

The biggest advantage of its location is to provide convenient access to the church whenever necessary.

Of concern, however, is the age and condition of the house.  When it was built, it was never intended to become office space, so in reality, it is an aging house adapted for office space.  Maintenance has become a real issue with the long term utility of the house.

The vestry is concerned about maintaining the house and is currently assessing the steps required to bring this grand structure into modern day code.

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