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Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only
Food Gifts At Altar

Thanksgiving Food Drive

The face of hunger has shifted dramatically during the last decade. Today hunger is far reaching and includes not only senior citizens on fixed incomes but also our working neighbors who live paycheck to paycheck without any financial security blanket to catch them when unexpected emergencies happen and when no food is left in the pantry.

In Central Virginia 1 in 7 Central Virginians is food insecure, meaning that nearly 200,000 of our neighbors are not receiving the necessary nutrition. And of that, more than 53,000 children, or 1 in 6, in Central Virginia do not know when or from where they will receive their next meal.

FeedMore’s comprehensive services including community food pantries, Kids Café, Meals on Wheels, school meals, weekend backpacks, and summer food service are the programs through which your food gift will be provided to those in need.

Please find orange or yellow “most needed food items” list in the Narthex and return your bagged gifts to the Narthex before the November 22 Thanksgiving Day worship service (10:00 a.m.) when contributions will be presented at the Altar. Give generously and with thankful hearts!

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