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Project:Homes Crew

Summer Outreach Focuses on Local Mission Opportunity

Project:Homes assignments photoThis summer, during the week of July 8-12, a team from St. James’s partnered with Project:Homes and Virginia Supportive Housing, serving low-income and formerly homeless neighbors in Richmond. Work included construction projects and de-cluttering.

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You can call it outreach by immersion or you can call it a mission trip to Richmond. What we call it is not really important—the important thing is that we tried it! Part of the work was with project:HOMES, an organization that helps low-income people stay in their homes comfortably, safely, and affordably. Volunteers who worked with this agency assisted an individual or family whose home requires some reconstruction work. The rest of the work was with Virginia Supportive Housing, helping residents who were formerly homeless clean out their apartments in anticipation of upcoming renovations. The mission/outreach team put in a full day’s work with these two agencies, then stayed together in the evenings to share conversation, dinner, and prayer before heading home.

For more information, please look at our Tumblr blog (, or contact team leader Kyle Martin (, Director of Servant Ministry Nancy Warman (, or Rev. Carmen Germino (

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