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Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only

St. James’s Whitlock Legacy Society honors stewards who make financial provisions for the future of this parish.   The health and well-being of St. James’s is built upon the generations of saints in  our community who have left a legacy intended for the long-term benefit of the church.  You can become a member of the Whitlock Legacy Society by naming the St. James’s Endowment Fund, Inc. in your will or planned gift. Once you make known your intention to St. James’s, you will become a member of the Whitlock Legacy Society. Your name will be added to the list of the Whitlock Legacy Society members unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

If you have not notified us of your plans, we would greatly appreciate your letting us know. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Lois Wallenhorst, Stewardship Associate, at 355-1779, extension 365.

As parishioners of St. James’s, we are called to live as Doers of the Word worshipping God and serving others to build Christ’s Kingdom.  As we add to the foundation of our church to benefit future generations and uncharted ministries, we practice meaningful stewardship of all that God has bestowed upon us.

We are deeply grateful to Whitlock Legacy Society Members who have shown their devotion to St. James’s and their faith in this parish.

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