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Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only

We invite you to join us in giving to God out of thanksgiving for the abundance, success, and blessings we have received for no other reason than that we are God’s children. Together we will make our thriving and growing ministries not only possible but transformative in our community at St. James’s and beyond.

The regular habit of joyfully giving our time, talent, and money to God’s work is as much a spiritual practice as prayer and worship.  It opens us up to the fullness of all God has to offer.  As we progress along our spiritual journey, we have the opportunity to experience new aspects of stewardship.  In the language of the church, there are three faces of stewardship:

  1. Annual stewardship (Annual Giving) is the regular practice of returning to God a portion of all He has given us.  It is built upon the premise that all we have is a gift from God.  It encourages us to tithe and to give regularly of our time, talent and money.
  2. Extraordinary stewardship (Capital or Exceptional Giving) is when special circumstances arise that call us to give beyond our ordinary habit, such as the Fan the Flame campaign for the building renovation.  It involves increased giving, outside the ability of the operational budget, in order to help the church or community realize an especially important goal.  It could mean giving to a specific outreach mission, endowing a clergy or staff position, or funding an extraordinary need that was not anticipated.
  3. Legacy stewardship involves the way we address the disposition of our lifetime accumulations.  Such gifts could be naming St. James’s in your will, making a legacy gift, such as a charitable remainder trust or a charitable gift annuity, including St. James’s on a life insurance policy, or making an outright gift to the Endowment Fund.  By making such a gift, you will become a member of St. James’s Whitlock Legacy Society.  It is an opportunity to make a gift that constitutes a legacy to generations yet unborn and a final witness to those whom you hold most dear.

St. James’s accepts the Biblical tithe of 10 percent as the giving standard and encourages parishioners to work toward this goal each year.  For its part, the church strives to continually communicate its budgetary needs to the parish effectively and report in detail how budget dollars are spent.

We invite you to give prayerful consideration to the level of giving that you are able.

For more information, please contact: Lois Wallenhorst or call 355-1779, ext. 365.

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