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Stations Of The Cross

Stations of the Cross Hike – March 31

The Stations (or The Way) of the Cross is a traditional devotion commemorating the last day of Jesus’ life. Tons of St. James’s gathered at Belle Isle to experience this deeply moving and extremely spiritual moment in their faith.

The Stations of the Cross, also known as The Way of the Cross, is a traditional practice for Christians around the world during the season of Lent. From ancient times, Christians have made pilgrimages to holy places like Jerusalem, and often retrace the traditional path Jesus took from his arrest to his passion and death, called the Via Dolorosa (the Sorrowful Way). For Christians that couldn’t travel, The Way of the Cross became a mini-pilgrimage of sorts.

Some churches have artwork or crosses for each stations on their walls or in their stained glass windows. If you hike to The Cross at Shrine Mont, you’ll notice the stations along the trail. Moving from station to station, following the events in the words of scripture and letting the prayers draw us into the narrative, we are given the opportunity to understand something of Christ’s Passion and our involvement in it. It can be said as a private form of prayer or as a public liturgy and the number of stations varies from just eight to the fourteen that are included in the Episcopal Book of Occasional Services:

1.      Jesus is condemned to death

2.      Jesus takes up his Cross

3.      Jesus falls the first time

4.      Jesus meets his afflicted mother

5.      The Cross is laid on Simon of Cyrene

6.      A woman wipes the face of Jesus

7.     Jesus falls a second time

8.      Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

9.      Jesus falls a third time

10.   Jesus is stripped of his garments

11.   Jesus is nailed to the Cross

12.   Jesus dies on the cross

13.   The body of Jesus is placed
in the arms of his mother

14.  Jesus is laid in the tomb


Some photos from previous Stations of the Cross hikes

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