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Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only

Members of the 2016 Search Committee

Biographies of the Search Committee

Charlie Whitaker

Charlie has been a member of St. James’s since moving to Richmond 20 years ago. His wife, Norvell Beazley Whitaker, is a life-long St. Jameser. They married at St. James’s in 1990 and have raised their four kids there, Janie (24), Charlie (22), Sarah (19) and Izzy (14). Charlie is a former Senior Warden, chair of the stewardship campaign and Sunday School teacher. Norvell also taught Sunday School, served on the Vestry, including as the Children’s Center liaison, and has been active in several ministries, including the Bazaar and the hospitality committee. In his day job, Charlie oversees Human Resources, Compliance and Information Services at Altria Group, in addition to serving as its Chief Compliance Officer.

Charlie says:

“Co-chairing the committee that will recommend calling the fourteenth Rector of St. James’s is an exciting and humbling opportunity. Under Randy’s leadership, the spirit and energy at St. James’s flourished, which will allow us to attract many gifted candidates. The committee takes seriously it’s job to discern from the parish what we value in our next Rector and to attract the best candidate to lead our church family. Along the way, I am blessed with this opportunity to build deeper relationships with those in our amazing parish.”


Laura McCoy

Laura left her home state of Texas for college at Washington and Lee and never went back. She met her husband Steve at the University of Virginia law school and moved to Richmond. They joined St. James’s with their daughter Libby (15) in 2003. Since then, they have welcomed and baptized two sons at St. James’s: James (12) and Everett (9). Since joining, Laura has participated in Pilgrim’s Path and has been involved in the Taste of St. James’s since its inception in 2011. She has enjoyed seeing her children grow in their church life through Sunday school, choir, Vacation Bible School and confirmation. Laura is grateful for the many friends she has made through St. James’s, and is proud of our church’s active presence in the Richmond community.

Laura says:

“I am excited to find a new Rector for St. James’s that celebrates our energetic spirit while inspiring us to deepen our relationship with God.”


Margaret Corwin

Margaret is a life-long member of St. James’s. She and her husband, Scott who is member of the Parish choir have two sons, George and Gus who benefited from many wonderful Sunday School teachers. Margaret currently serves as the Lay Leader for CARITAS Intake, and previously served on the Strategic Planning Committee, on the Vestry and participated in Pilgrims Path. Margaret’s consulting business helps people get health insurance.

Margaret says:

“St. James’s is my church family and I love meeting new people with whom I share our church’s mission. I know that the work of the Search Committee will be led by the Spirit of Wisdom and that in thy light we may see light.”


Campbell Delk

After growing up in Smithfield, Virginia, Campbell graduated from University of Virginia and Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry and established his own dental practice in the West End. He began attending St. James when he moved to Richmond after college in 2000. A life-long Episcopal church-goer, Campbell instantly found a home and spiritual connection at St. James. He and his wife, Jessica, both attended the Pilgrim’s Path classes and were married at St. James in 2007. All three of his daughters, Burnley, Cooper, and Tilly, have been baptized here. Campbell and Jessica have served at table hosts at The Feast of St. James multiple times, and Campbell is currently a lector. You can usually find them at the 9:00 a.m. service on Sundays

Campbell says:

“I couldn’t be more honored, yet humbled to be a part of the search committee. This church is such a cornerstone of my family and being able to play a role in selecting the next rector for our church allows me to play a small part in helping shape the future of this church for my children and ensuring the long-term vitality of our home.”


Ida Farinholt

Ida Farinholt is a lifelong member of St. James’s and the third generation of her family to attend. Years ago, Ida was co-chair of the Bazaar and she has served on the vestry, has been involved in Taste of St. James’s and is immediate past chair of the St. James’s Children’s Center Board of Directors. She has served as missioner in Honduras. Ida and Bart were married at St. James’s and all three of their children have been baptized and confirmed at St. James’s.

Ida says:

“I am honored to be part of the search committee because I love St. James’s so much and it has been a vital part of my life and that of so many others. I want to see that gift going forward. Together with our congregation, I trust we will find the right person to be our next rector.”


Scott Hetzer

Scott Hetzer retired in 2016 as senior vice president and treasurer of Dominion. A native of Richmond, he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Richmond and a master’s degree in business administration from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. He serves on the Boards of the Church Schools in the Diocese of Virginia, The Nature Conservancy (Virginia Chapter), Bath County Hospital, the Executive Advisory Council of the University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business and the Commonwealth Club. Hetzer and his wife, Kathe, have two daughters and one son, and live in Richmond and Bath County.

Helen Kemp

Helen has been a member of St. James’s since 1985. St. James’s is a vital part of her life as the place where she and her husband, Mark, were married in 1986, and their twin sons, Landon and Page, were Christened in 1994. Helen is a Trustee of the St. James’s Endowment Fund. Over the years, Helen has served on the Vestry twice, the Planned Giving Committee, and the Altar Guild, herded kids as Children’s Choir mother, and cooked for the Helping Hands Ministry and The Taste of St. James’s. A trusts and estates attorney by day, Helen is honored and excited to serve on the Search Committee in its mission to discover the next great rector of St. James’s.

Newnie Rogers

A lifelong Episcopalian, Newnie has been attending St. James’s since 1985 when she moved to Richmond. Newnie has served on the vestry, the Taste of St. James’s Committee, the WomanKind Committee, and the Hospitality Committee. She also has served as chair of the ECW and is currently on the Planned Giving Committee. Newnie is honored to be serving on the Search Committee and looks forward to working with the congregation and other search committee members to find the rector who will guide the church in the coming years in its worship and outreach.

Trey Sibley

Trey and Kendal have been members at St. James’s since 2001. Their two daughters, Taylor (12) and Olivia (10), were baptized at the church, and on Sunday mornings at the 9:00 am service, you can find him in the choir loft. On most Tuesday mornings, he attends the Tuesday Morning Mens’ Bible Study. Trey grew up in Dallas, Texas and was raised a Baptist. He migrated east for college, graduated from Duke University in 1995 and then served our country in the U.S. Navy until August 1999, when he matriculated at the University of Virginia School of Law. A few months later, life changed forever when he had the good fortune to get set up on a blind date with Kendal, a native of Hanover County. In October 2001, Greg Jones married them at St. James’s, where Kendal and her parents had just become members. After graduating law school in 2002, they moved to South Carolina for two years for judicial clerkships and then returned to Richmond in 2004 and have been active in the church ever since.

Trey says:

“St. James is an amazing church, where the spirit move in so many ways. We call each other to be ‘Doers of the Word’ and so many of us are. Doers at St. James serve our Richmond community, they minister to those in need in Haiti and elsewhere, and we inspire each other to live our creed. I am so honored to be part of the group that will help us identify a new rector who will help our Spirit-filled parish continue to be Doers and members of the body of Christ.”


Geoff Sisk

Geoff and his wife, Jennifer, joined St. James’s in 1986. Geoff served on the Vestry from 2013-2016 and as the Senior Warden. He was the co-chair of the stewardship committee for two years and served on the search committee for the Associate Rector and Director of Stewardship. He currently serves as an usher, has volunteered for CARITAS, served on the host committee for The Feast, helped with Fan the Flame and has taught Sunday School. Geoff has been in the investment business since 1984 and is currently a Managing Director-Investment Officer at Sisk & Marvel of Wells Fargo Advisors. His other community service includes various volunteer positions at the VMFA, most recently on its Foundation. Geoff also served on the CultureWorks Board and was head of the Richmond Alumni Assn. of Woodberry Forest School. His three children are lifelong members of St. James’s.

Geoff says:

“I am deeply honored and humbled to be serving on the search committee. As a parish, this is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to reflect on our incredible growth over the last 16 years. Through the Holy Spirit, we will work diligently to find the rector how can lead us and challenge us to be the best people we can be.”


Scott Ukrop

Scott and his wife, Lilo, joined St. James’s in 1991, and raised their three grown children in the church, Polly, Ned and Mac. At St. James’s, Scott has taught Sunday School, ushers at the 9:00 a.m. service as a long-time member of Usher Team IV, has assisted with the Every Member Canvas, and served on the vestry as both a Junior and Senior Warden. Scott currently serves on the boards of Historic Richmond and Better Housing Coalition and is a director at NRV, an early stage growth firm here in Richmond. Scott is honored to help St. James’s find our next rector who will help our active parish serve God to our fullest potential.

Chip Woodson

Chip and his wife Sandy have been involved members of St. James’s since 2010. Chip is now retired after serving as the Director of Stewardship and Development at St. James’s from 2010 to 2015. However, he stays active at St. James’s by participating on the Outreach Committee, serving as a LEM and Lector, mentoring through the Goodchoice program, volunteering at Peter Paul Development Center, and participating in the Thursday Men’s Bible Study Breakfast. Chip previously mentored children at Woodville, George Mason, and Fairfield Elementary schools. He has served on the board of Family Lifeline for sixteen years.

Geoff says:

“It is an honor to serve on the search committee of St. James’s, and a commitment I take very seriously. It will be a journey that will require not only the efforts of the committee, but also the voices of the members of the church. I look forward to being a part of this important process.”

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