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Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only
Questions To Parish From Search Committee

Search Committee Update – We Want to Hear From You!

Your search committee has been hard at work.  We’ve had several meetings, starting and closing each with a prayer to remind us of the higher purpose of our work and that we act for the parish.

We are currently focused on how we present St. James’s to potential candidates and on discerning the gifts and qualities we need from our next Rector to continue our great spiritual energy and lead us through our next chapter.  To attract the cream of the crop, we need to show off our strengths, but also be clear about our challenges and opportunities, so that we call a Rector who is excited about tackling them.

This picture of who we are and the gifts we’re looking for in our next Rector needs to come from you.  It will not be based on what twelve people on a committee think, but what we discern to be the voice of the parish and the Holy Spirit.

How can you help?

  • Watch for an upcoming parish-wide survey, and please respond to it.  This survey will tell us how our collective spirit and energy compares to churches around the country, and it will prioritize the most important qualities of our next Rector.  This is a critical tool for the committee, but to be effective, we need a high response rate.
  • Participate in a listening session.  We are going to Wednesday night groups, Sunday morning groups and other ministries to hear from you.
  • Send your thoughts, questions and recommendations to  Your input will go directly – and only – to the search committee.

With this input, we will enter the search and selection phase of our work.  Your search committee is committed to acting deliberately, prayerfully and with all due speed.  We are clear that we operate as one team, not representatives of interest groups, and are guided by the Holy Spirit and the best interest of the entire parish.  Please participate by sending us your input – and your prayers.

Charlie Whitaker

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