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Some Membesr Of The Search Committee

Search Committee Completes First Phase of Its Work

Based on your feedback in listening sessions, adult forums, online submissions and through several hundred notecards at the Feast, the Rector Search Committee has completed the critical first phase of our work.  This culminated in a Community Ministry Portfolio (CMP), which describes who we are, what we value, and the gifts and qualities we’re looking for in our next Rector.  You can view a version of the Community Ministry Profile here. We have posted the CMP to the diocesan and national transition databases and are accepting applications through February 15.

Thanks to all who shared your voice in this process and especially over 500 parishioners who completed our parish survey.  The Search Committee and Vestry will review the survey results in detail on January 14.  We will then share them with the parish.  This data will be valuable, both to the Search Committee and Rector candidates in their discernment, as we identify who will be the best fit to serve as St. James’s next Rector.

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