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Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only
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Scholarship for College Available in 2016

Funding for the Scott-Taliaferro Scholarship is given through the generosity of Mrs. Thomas Branch Scott, Jr. and Lucy Nelson Taliaferro in memory of their parents and grandparents, and Dr. and Mrs. Richard Michaux. Created to provide financial aid to further the undergraduate college education of St. James’s members, the scholarships are awarded based on need and service to the community. Applicants must submit a personal letter which includes the objectives or purposes for pursuing a college education, financial need and any other sources of funding, a description of family (e.g. number of household members), and a description of service efforts (e.g. church, community, and school). Only one recipient allowed per household. Submit letters no later than July 6 to Senior Warden, Peggy Crowley, care of the church.

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