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RE:work Richmond Financial Mentoring

RE:work Richmond Helps with Financial Literacy

DOERS of St. James’s are invited to join volunteers of St. Stephen’s and St. Peter’s Episcopal churches to become part of a new outreach initiative providing financial literacy coaching.

RE:work RICHMOND is a public private non-profit initiative whose mission is to reduce the level of poverty in the East End of Richmond by helping unemployed and underemployed heads-of-households obtain the skills and necessary support to qualify for and ultimately gain well-suited, family-sustaining careers.

DOER volunteers are needed to serve as financial literacy coaches to help RE:work participants develop a budget, calculate what a living wage career will mean financially, and then check in quarterly to reinforce the importance of sticking to a budget.

Coaches will complete two hours of training from partners at the Neighborhood Resource Center on how to help RE:work participants set financial goals in a way that empowers them, and once matched to a mentee do an initial financial mapping of the participant’s income and expenses during the enrollment stage of the program. The anticipated time commitment initially is four hours in total for the training and initial financial planning, and then half an hour to an hour every three months.

Some years ago many DOER coaches provided financial coaching to an initiative sponsored by the church, Virginia Credit Union and Goodwill Industries.  Many success stories paved the way for this initiative to become a standard program of Goodwill that continues today!  Let’s do it again!  Let’s start a team ministry that will make a difference in helping a family in the East End move from poverty or low-income to financial/career stability.   Please contact Nancy if you would like to learn more about this program or join our DOER team: ext. 333.)

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