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New Orleans

Twelve years after Hurricane Katrina, low-income people in New Orleans are still struggling to rebuild their homes, reclaim their jobs, restore their neighborhoods and return to their lives. St. James’s mission teams have been a part of the recovery from the beginning,but there is still more to do. St. James will return to New Orleans this coming fall to assist residents there with two very important elements of the on-going recovery from Hurricane Katrina: urban farming and wetlands reclamation/preservation.  Though Katrina devastated New Orleans more than a decade ago, many low income neighborhoods are still “food deserts”, areas in which almost no suppliers of nutritious, healthy food exist. Local urban farming efforts work to use available land to grow fruits and vegetables for sale to local residents.  At the same time, the wetlands essentials to the environment and ecology of the Mississippi Delta and to the protection of New Orleans from future storms is in immense need of attention and preservation.  St. James can make a vital contribution in both of these endeavors.

The New Orleans mission is typically accomplished in November.  The projected cost per person is about $1000.  Please contact trip leader Russell Lawson for more information or to sign up for this mission.

From prior missions:

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