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Chiller And Church

Major Capital Improvements Phase Starts

During 2015 and early 2016, the vestry and staff identified a number of large scale capital improvements that were of immediate concern and needed attention for the safety and comfort of our parishioners, visitors, Children’s Center student and teachers, and staff.

By the end of 2016, the Junior Warden Matt Harper and Facilities Manager Matt Presson had supervised replacing our 60-year old electrical power distribution equipment with a single main panel serving our Main Building Complex. We also completely replaced our outdated fire alarm system serving our Main Building Complex (the Sanctuary, Gibson Building, and Parish House.) These two projects were funded from our existing Capital Reserve account.

In February 2017, we began addressing the most pressing of our capital maintenance projects: replacing the chiller in our main building that provides cooling to these same spaces. We have also identified how to save a little money and still address leaks in our steeple to prevent water from seeping into the inner chambers. You can see a fascinating video of the lift and berthing of one of our new chillers here.

Check back on this page for additional details as our projects progress.

Matt Harper

Matt Presson

closeup chiller drop drone shot chiller lift

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