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Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only

Lenten Mind Body Stress Reduction

Meditation 101 Series || Beginning a Regular, Ongoing Sitting Practice – The Reverend Dr. Mark Cooper and Gena Adams-Riley

7 p.m. – 8 p.m.

February 25

“ Use your Mind to change your Brain to change your Mind “

Rick Hanson, author and neuropsychologist says, “You can use your mind to change your brain to change your mind to benefit yourself and other beings.”  Meditation has a positive, profound + scientifically-measurable effect on the brain. In this session, Gena leads you in a Sit, offers an introduction to Meditation, and guides you in beginning a daily Meditation practice.

March 4

Wake Up – Come Back – Stay

Each and every Sit is the practice of becoming aware of and staying with your Breath.  Inevitably, though, you get hooked by a thought-any thought at all-and your gone, gone away from the Breath, from the practice.  As you sit and your body still Breathes while your mind wanders, something Wakes you back Up, you Come Back to your Breath without judgement or analysis, and you Stay.  You Stay until you’re gone again.

March 11

an-Off-the-Cushion Mindfulness Practice

Is there one thing you’re already doing in which you could practice bringing your full presence through awakeness and awareness?  Meditation naturally leads you to becoming more awake + aware. A Mindfulness Practice is taking something, anything you’re already doing-eating, art, the dishes, reading, walking the dog, writing, driving, folding laundry, yoga, emailing, drinking a cup tea/wine, showering, cooking, etc.-and bringing awareness, that same on-the-cushion/in-Meditation awareness to this thing you do off the cushion/in the rest of life.

March 18

Waking Up in Daily Life

You don’t sit to become a better sitter.  You sit and Meditate to be a bit better in daily life, to be a positive, encouraging presence in the world.  When you are Waking Up, living with more awareness in your daily life, you not only appreciate the beauty and joy all the more, but you see resistance – your resistance to life as it unfolds – as an opportunity, as well.

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