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Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only

RVA Rapid Transit Advocacy Team

This group works with ecumenical partners and others around our city to bring effective rapid public transportation to metropolitan Richmond. A rapid transit system for greater Richmond would connect job-seekers with employers and county residents with downtown attractions, having a positive impact on our region’s economy.


The Giving Tree MinistryGiving Tree collection 2012

We provide Christmas gifts to children and senior adults who participate in the program of the Peter Paul Development Center and to children in need served by other selected community agencies.

Contact:         Ginny Hofheimer, 304-4693

McGuire Veterans Ministry

Volunteers host an ice cream social for patients on the polytrauma and spinal cord units of the hospital and for their families. The fourth Tuesday of each month, 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. visit and “ministry of presence” leaves volunteers feeling grateful and joyous for this opportunity to serve.

Contact:         Barbara Cochrane, 285-1453

GateWay Homes Ministry

Volunteers refresh apartments of GateWay Homes, a transitional housing program and residence in Chesterfield County for individuals who are challenged with mental health disorders. Once or twice a year our team of painters, decorators, cleaners, and seamstresses brighten up an apartment for an incoming resident.

Contact:         Mary Slaughter, 353-1405 or

Peter Paul Development Center Garden Ministry

The PPDC Garden offers second through six grade students participation in all aspects of gardening – preparing the soil, planting, maintaining, and harvesting the crop. The experience increases the likelihood of students selecting healthy foods at home and can lead them to growing their own fresh vegetables. Nature lessons are a big part of garden education, often linked to the Standards of Learning. Volunteers are needed especially in the summer months to help with garden activities.

Contact:         Bob Siegfried, 739-8853

St. James’s Home Repair

Working through project:HOMES, Inc., a community agency that provides services to elderly citizens, our volunteers work together several times a year to renovate or repair the homes of low-income elderly city residents. We have a professional building supervisor who welcomes even those with no building experience. In addition, volunteers provide assistance for small repair needs in the homes of church members.

Contact:         Kyle Martin, 673-0138

Westminster-Canterbury Volunteer Ministry

As home to many St. James’s parishioners, Westminster-Canterbury Richmond is a faith-based charitable retirement community. It is filled to the brim with activity and filled to the brim with “doer” ministry opportunity! One could serve as a “people mover,” helping residents in wheelchairs or on walkers to mover around the campus or you could serve as a “resident visitor,” to help read or write letters for residents, while becoming friends. Helping with arts and crafts, assisting with theater productions or with administrative office duties, helping in the garden or in the gift shop, all are special places where volunteers are needed. Or you might want to volunteer in the W-C Child Development Center where children and their activities are the focus of attention.
Consider ministry to infants or seniors in this special place.

Contact: Beth Clifton, Volunteer Resource Coordinator, 264-6258

Virginia Home Sing

At 7:00 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month of the program year (September through May), members of the Guitar Ensemble, the choirs, and interested parishioners meet at the Virginia Home and lead the residents in singing. A visit to the Virginia Home is a lesson in humility, as you observe the residents who face life’s obstacles with bravery, energy, and humor.  Both the residents and the St. Jamesers experience a lot of joy and laughter on these song-filled evenings.

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