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Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only
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Join Us in Doers Dining

Jesus loved a good dinner party! Special things can happen when faithful families gather around tables. It is in this spirit that your parish invites you to gather with one another to break bread through Doers Dining.

Doers Dining is a vibrant initiative that nurtures friendships through intimate gatherings in each other’s homes.

As we do on Sunday when we break bread together, we invite everyone to come to the table. Sign up below.

Last year, about 350 parishioners signed up to break bread together, when hosts opened their homes to their fellow Doers for dinner, hospitality, and shared conversation. Some met for adults-only gatherings, while others joined family groups or dined at Westminster Canterbury.

The concept is simple: All who are interested should sign up online (or get one of our paper forms at church) with their preferences — host or participant, with children or adults only, in the community or at Westminster Canterbury. Then groups of 8-12 people will be formed, and hosts will coordinate a suitable date. At dinner, hosts will provide the main course and gests will bring appetizers, salad, sides, dessert, etc.  The conversation — and fun — flows from there.

Groups will be assigned, so stay tuned for fellowship and fun!

Bon appétit! The Does Dining Committee,
Andy Bennett, Leigh Hulcher, Brooke Taylor

Doers Dining

Sign up for the meal-time fellowship
    Indicate if you would like to attend Doers Dining at Westminster Canterbury in Richmond.
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